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Workshop in Germany

Willi Diakar – I returned from Moldova, it was a very good time. I taught the workshop in the first Baptist church of Moldova. On Friday and Saturday we had about 80-100 people in attendance, and they asked me to continue on Sunday, so we had a very good attendance on Sunday.

Acts 1:8 CHURCH

He went to an event in North Carolina where discipleship was emphasized, and with a burdened heart he came back and asked a question to the congregation of about 130 people.
“I asked them to stand if they had been discipled one on one before and only two people stood up,” he said.
That lit a fire in Hanner and it kicked off a movement toward discipleship in the rural church, which sits on 82 acres “15 minutes from everything,” he said.
They’ve seen 900 baptized in the past six years and grown from averaging 130 to 700 on a Sunday morning. And they’ve moved from one service to two.

Willi Daiker teaching seminars in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Beginning of April I taught the first seminar in Almaty. At this first seminar we did not have so many participants, I guess the local preparation should have been better, but we still had some key leaders at the seminar and that opened an important door. On Sunday I visited and preached in several churches, it was especially encouraging to be in a Kazakh church. As you know, I grew up in Kazakhstan but at that time there were no Kazakh churches and almost no Kazakh believers. It was a very good experience, they showed great interest in the seminar.

34 National Evangelical Alliances

Recently, 25 Chinese, Hmong, and Korean Christian leaders joined us at Mountain Doxology in North Carolina’s beautiful mountains. We all engaged in Great Commission planning. Several seminary presidents and deans were with us, who collectively have over 2,000 Chinese students preparing for ministry in their three countries. They are now working toward variations of Southwestern Seminary’s well tested two-semester Disciple-Making Practicum.

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