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Partner with Us in
Completing the Great Commission...

by Bringing First Century, New Testament Disciple-Making Back to Churches & Christian Education Around the World.

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IEA's Spiritual Partners in the Great Commission

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Great Commission to be Fulfilled - Together

Other Questions?

First, let us say thank you for your heart to partner with us in the Lord's work.  You may donate online here.

Or if you prefer, you may write a check to International Evangelism Association, and mail it to: 

P.O. Box 1174
Salado, TX 76571-1174

Sure.  International Evangelism Association is a registered 501(c)(3) and has been for more than 50 years.  All donations are fully tax deductible in the U.S.

International Evangelism Association has a proven track record of faithfulness with the Lord's money for over 50 years of our existence.  All is His!  He temporarily allows us to steward it as He directs it for His purposes.  We are an open book in regards to how we use His money and resources as He simply entrusts it to us for the accomplishing of His will.  Contact us at any time with specific questions or inquiries in this regard.

If you'd like to read a short book that really encapsulates our view of God's money and how to live in total submission to Him, we can't recommend this one highly enough!

If that's what you are led to do, certainly let us know.  Just drop us a note when you make your donation.  For example - if you'd like your donation to be used for either our global church ministries or our ministries with schools/seminaries around the world, include a note with your donation and we will designate it accordingly.  We cannot account for micro-level designations, but directing your giving towards either churches or schools, or for particular countries is often quite doable.

Please feel free to contact us first though, if you have any specific concerns in this area.

Previously, IEA utilized Cornerstone to process our donations.  We have since upgraded to a more feature-rich, modern system, Givebutter, which charges zero processing fees!

To manage your existing giving, you may log in here to your account at Cornerstone.

We now use Givebutter to process all of our online donation transactions.  It is quickly becoming the new favorite in the industry, with one award won after another.  It is secure, fast, easy-to-use, and Givebutter charges ZERO fees to nonprofits such as IEA!

To operate, Givebutter prompts donors to (1) cover credit card processing fees, and (2) leave a "tip" to Givebutter to say thanks for providing such a wonderful service.  It is totally, 100% voluntary.  Givebutter continues to work on IEA's behalf whether or not you "leave a tip," but of course they appreciate the times you choose to give a small monetary thank you.

If you are a monthly donor with the previous system, Cornerstone, you will need to log in to your account at Cornerstone, and cancel your monthly donation there.

Then, you can set up a new monthly donation via the new system, Givebutter.

Sure!  If you prefer a paper check, you may write it to International Evangelism Association, and mail it here: 

P.O. Box 1174
Salado, TX 76571-1174

Do you sense God leading you to partner with IEA by giving of your time, talent, or treasure but you want to talk with us first?
We'd love to hear from you!



+ 1.800.880.1350

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