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• Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Reproducible Disciple-Making in Los Angeles Area Chinese Churches

From Drs. Rosa & Joseph Shao, with Dr. Victor Wong – Disciple-Making Workshop Faciliators…

“Amen and praise the Lord for our recent Disciple-Making workshop! Our Lord Jesus never forsakes those who follow him!

We were blessed with about 40 participants, representing 12 Los Angeles area Chinese churches. Although outdoors was quite a gloomy day, indoors we were all focused on being Jesus’ spokemen and showing the Why’s and the How-to’s of becoming disciple-makers for Jesus.

Just like the beautiful song that was performed by our teammates Randy and Laura Craig, “God uses ordinary people” … Our hearts were in 100% agreement, and we all felt in tune with the Lord for the precise reason for which we gathered  – to hear from our Lord and to learn His way of disciple-making.

We were also blessed with Rev. Michael Wan’s testimony of disciple-making as he brought two of his latest Timothys to share their experiences of life change through being personally discipled.

Our hearts were so encouraged by the many of the attendees who come up to personally thank our TEAM for the day’s workshop, and who urged us to continue to share and impart this much needed disciple-making for such a time as this!

We departed with prayer and a unified heart of hope that this meeting will reap fruits to benefit the Los Angeles area Chinese churches!

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