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Topics Covered

In the Becoming a Disciple-Maker Family of Resources

Topics Covered in Becoming a Disciple-Maker Include:

• What is Disciple-Making?
• Programs compared to Process
• Training compared to Teaching
• Being controlled by the Spirit
• The Importance of caring for Newborns
• Building on your Foundation in Christ
• Christian Mentorship
• How to lead a new believer or member through “A Call to Joy”
• Internalizing God’s Word
• Jesus’ Method of Making Disciples
• Disciple-Making in the Early Church
• Disciple-Making throughout the Centuries
• Spiritual Multiplication

Topics Covered in Becoming a Disciple-Maker II Include:

• Jesus’ Method of Making Disciples
• Spiritual Multiplication compared to Spiritual Addition
• Defining our Mission
• Spiritual Usability
• Developing Spiritual Objectives
• Selecting Trainees
• Public compared to Private Ministry
• Consequences of ignoring Jesus’ Method of Making Disciples
• The Master’s Equipping Lifestyle
• Dealing with Temptation
• Transferable Ministry Training
• Apprenticeship
• Disciple-Making and the Reformation
• Spiritual Commitment
• Living by Faith
• Personal Purity
• The Importance of Spiritual Delegation
• Spiritual Reproduction by following the Master’s Plan

Topics Covered in A Call to Joy Include:

• Receiving assurance of salvation
• The importance of being involved in a local church
• The importance of being involved in a group Bible study
• How to have a meaningful daily quiet time
• How to take sermon notes to increase retention and grow spiritually
• How to find insights from the Word of God and apply them to daily life
• How to memorize Scripture
• How to meditate on the Word of God
• An overview of the five aspects of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Intercession, and Petition
• The importance of Christian character
• Dependence upon the Holy Spirit for strength to live the Christian life
• The ministry of the Holy Spirit
• Time management
• Ministering to others
• Making wise decisions
• Avoiding “dry spells”
• Growth comes slowly
• Guarding your thoughts
• Putting others first
• How to give an evangelistic booklet to a non-Christian
• How to share the Gospel with family members
• The purpose of disciple-making
• Dealing with doubts
• Dealing with legitimate and non-legitimate guilt
• Having “ears to hear” with a will to obey God
• If salvation is a gift from God, what is my responsibility?
• What happens if I sin?
• How can I start serving God in small ways?
• How do I deal with temptation?
• What pitfalls should I look out for?
• Becoming light in the darkness
• Becoming a thankful Christian
• The depths of God’s love for us
• The difference between relationship and fellowship with God
• There are no “secret disciples”
• Maturing in Christ is a long-term process
• The importance of getting enough rest
• The importance of nourishment from the Word of God
• Reverence for the Word of God
• Discipline for the purpose of godliness

Topics Covered in A Call to Growth Include:

• God’s passion for the lost
• Our privilege to share the gospel
• Evangelism flows out of a godly life
• Waiting upon direction from the Holy Spirit when witnessing
• Sharing an evangelistic “Word of Truth”
• How to develop and share your personal testimony
• Presenting the “Bridge Illustration” from memory using the Scriptures
• “Initiative” evangelism and “relational” evangelism
• Carrying out an evangelistic spiritual application project
• Dealing with temptation
• Humility is a choice
• Planning ahead for victory
• Responsible Speech
• Loving Patience
• Whole-Hearted Commitment
• Putting and Keeping Christ first
• An in-depth study of the five aspects of prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Intercession, and Petition
• Promises for those who pray
• Conditions for answered prayer
• Persistency in prayer
• Praying for the lost
• Praying for the sick
• Confession and Repentance
• Jesus the Intercessor
• Prerequisites for effective prayer
• When healing is God’s will
• When healing is not God’s will
• The Father’s Love
• The Father’s Protection
• The Father’s Provision
• The Father’s Training
• The Holy Spirit’s role:
Before & At conversion
Throughout your life
Perfecting us
Empowering us
• The importance & authority of the Scriptures
• How God’s Word came to us
• The reliability of the Scriptures
• Functions of the local church
• Giving with a worshipful, joyful heart

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