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prayer jan2023 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Pray for This Week’s Model Church Workshop at the Cove

Thanks for last week’s intercession. As a result of our meeting with Slavic Christian leaders at the Cove, the dates have now been set for April 26th– 29th at Mountain Doxology to equip 42 prayerfully selected Ukrainian, Romanian, and Russian speaking Model Church pastors from Europe and the USA.


This week, IEA’s board and staff will meet at the Cove on February 4th-5th, followed by our SBC Model Church training on the 6th-7th for 75 guests from 4 participating states representing over 9,000 Baptist churches. This will launch a seven year plan to jointly equip most of their churches for effective disciple-making ministries – so please focus in prayer again for the Holy Spirit to do the teaching.

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