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Blessed to Be a Blessing

Fund global ministry
with Every purchase.

Each and every purchase of printed materials made via our U.S. store, even at our rock-bottom non-profit sales pricing, helps to fund disciple-making for others in need around the world. ​

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How Does Our Pricing Model Fund Global Ministry?

The principle of "blessed to be a blessing" gives us helpful guidance...

We believe that God has led us to price our materials based on the economic realities of each country - whether it be in countries such as the U.S., with relative economic blessing, or in many other countries who may face much deeper financial challenges.

Our ministry surveys the global economic landscape twice a year using GDP per capita data, as published by the World Bank and IMF, and sets prices based on the changing economic situations that our brothers and sisters face in each nation.

Sales in stronger economies, such as the U.S., allow us to price materials at almost unbelievable discounts for believers in countries where the economies are not so strong.

Because we print in such high quantities, even our U.S. prices are already quite low as compared to market standards, but again, because IEA is a nonprofit, we can take our margins from these sales, and use it to subsidize, in a sense, our sale prices in areas of need.

So what does this mean for you when you purchase resources from our U.S. hub?

It means that you are actively supporting the ministry of life-to-life disciple-making multiplication around the world!

Thank you for your partnership in our Lord's Great Commission!

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