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Ukraine Refugee Assistance – Part Four

March 25, 2022

Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of March, a little over $31,000 has now been received with $30,000 having successfully reached the Ukraine through Germany. The gifts of fifty-eight much appreciated ministry friends have made this possible!

Many have been fed and rescued because of these urgently needed funds – so we can all thank God together. I will not mention names, but please specifically pray for the families of our Christian partners who have lost their husbands and fathers while rescuing others.

This week, we need to ship a large quantity of excellent quality clothing for those who have left their homes with nothing! Much has already been donated to IEA and we are told that customs in Germany will be helping us avoid any related tax. We would therefore appreciate your continued gifts to help us with shipping expenses plus the ongoing rescue efforts in different parts of the Ukraine.

Thanks for your faithful prayers and numerous gifts of compassion!

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Billie and Carol Anne Hanks

For IEA’s Board of Directors


Watch, Worship, & Pray for Ukraine…
A 2800 Voice Choir at Franklin Graham’s Festival – Lviv, Ukraine – June 2015.
Conductor: Bilokin Sergeii
Pianist Huntley Brown


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