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• Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Guadalajara, Mexico: Let’s multiply!

Our team is thrilled to report successful disciple-maker training workshops held in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This initiative reflects our core belief: spiritual multiplication, not simply addition, is the Lord’s strategy for church growth. Imagine a seed planted in fertile soil. It doesn’t need to be a giant sequoia to begin – with proper care, it will sprout, grow, and eventually bear fruit that can be used to plant even more trees! The same principle applies to church growth. By equipping existing believers to become disciple-makers, a powerful chain reaction is ignited. Each trained believer has the potential to reach new people for Christ, who in turn can become disciple-makers themselves.

This approach is particularly encouraging for churches starting small. Regardless of your initial size, the potential for exponential growth through spiritual multiplication is vast. Even a handful of passionate disciple-makers, empowered with the right tools and guided by the Holy Spirit, can have a significant impact on their community. Imagine the ripple effect as the message of Christ spreads from person to person, family to family, neighborhood to neighborhood. With time, dedication, and God’s grace, this multiplication can reach not only a city like Guadalajara, but a whole country, and even the world!

• Becoming a Disciple-Maker
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