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Ukraine Relief Efforts Update – March 21, 2022

March 21, 2022

From IEA’s European ministries leader, Willi Daiker, and one of our Ukrainian partners…

Greetings, dear friends!

Thank you for your participation in our life and ministry, for your prayers, donations, and support – it is very valuable for us!

The need is constantly growing. Suffering, pain, and horror are intensifying. The destruction is incredible. The violence and brutality are unheard of. Blood flows like a river. Many civilians are killed, including children.

So far, there are no signs of a quick end to the war. But faith in the Immutable and Sovereign calms the heart and girds the mind! The Lord reigns! He is the only hope for the world!

By His grace, we continue to do the work of love, bringing comfort to suffering people who are in despair and hopelessness.

Our brothers managed to make the first trip to Zaporizhzhia, where they were able to rescue 16 people who had miraculously escaped from the bomb shelters of Mariupol. Most of them are Christians. An employee of our mission, pastor Stanislav Kolpakov from Mariupol, served as a driver for these brothers and sisters, and our friends in Chernivtsi hosted the victims, comforting them with Christ’s love.

Since March 19, our employees have been taking part in the evacuation of people from Chernihiv. There is no electricity, no water, no heat, no Internet or mobile connection in the city. People live in basements. Every night the city is bombed by Russian troops.

In a huge queue for evacuation at gathering points in Chernihiv, people line up from six in the morning. There are not enough seats for everyone in the car. It is very difficult to make a moral choice of who to take first and who is supposed to stay and be picked up next time if everything works out.

ukr4 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

On the way, our drivers met dozens of people who dared to flee the city on foot through the fields. It’s hard to imagine what awaits them along the way…

One of the brothers says, “There is no need to talk about the roads we had to drive on about 200 miles from Kyiv to Chernihiv. You can drive only by an SUV or a tank, there is a very high risk of breaking the wheels, breaking the engine, or rolling over. They raced across the track, beaten by other cars right through the fields. If it had rained, they would have gotten stuck hopelessly. They still had to change twice the flat tires, which is very dangerous, since you have to stop in an area that is under fire from all directions…

Regardless of what we face on the road, I keep telling all my passengers that very many people are praying for them, and that is why our trips are under God’s protection. I sincerely thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer.”

Some people start asking serious questions related to faith in God and are becoming interested in His Word. We give them the benefit of the doubt that they will definitely read the Gospel of John in the next week. We exchange contacts with them and continue to pray for these people.

A couple of days ago, a young paramedic from the United States came to us to serve the wounded. Another brother from the same place bought a minivan here and is already willing to go to Chernihiv to deliver food and rescue people. We thank the Lord for His Church, which extends love not just with word or lips, but by deeds and truth.

Please stay with us, dear ones, in prayer and in all kinds of support. Please pray for us to be selfless and courageous, to serve with love and with the Word on our lips. Praise be to the Savior!

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