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april2024 costarica 1 1200 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Equipping Multipliers in Costa Rica

A movement continues in the heart of Costa Rica, as Bible-believing Christians unite in the mission of making disciples. We are deeply thankful that these churches are far more than just gathering places, but rather centers of life transformation, equipped to multiply disciples of Christ. This strategic action plan to equip disciple-making churches around the various regions of the country includes intentional pathways within local churches that foster spiritual growth and empower believers to authentically share their faith.

Inspired by the life of Christ, the ultimate disciple-maker, these Costa Rican churches are learning to invest in individuals, walk alongside them, and develop believers who organically spread the Gospel message.  Through training, mentoring and a commitment to sharing the hope found in Christ, disciple-making churches are seeing lives changed.

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As this movement continues to unfold, we are reminded that disciple making is not just a strategy, it’s a divine mandate. It is with anticipation and faith that we embark on this journey, knowing that the impact of empowered disciple-making churches in Costa Rica will reach far beyond borders and reverberate throughout eternity.

We thank Pastors Oscar and Letty of the Church of God in Abangares de Peñas Blancas and all of their leadership for their vision of multiplying one by one.

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april2024 costarica 2 800 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

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