• ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker’ has proven to be a wonderful tool that allows us to provide discipleship training within our churches that is needed to help new members and new converts understand why they have established a relationship with Christ and how they can strengthen that relationship. This process teaches mature Christians how to develop relationships with new members and converts that unites them with the congregation and stimulates Christian growth for both parties.  ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker’ gives us the ability to transform the lives of struggling immature babes in Christ into mature fruitful disciples for Christ.”

    Dr. Mark CrutcherSr. Pastor, Mt. Olive AME Church, Orlando, FL
  • ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker’ is having a powerful effect upon our church. With every staff member trained to disciple, along with 80 lay leaders, we now have the small army of disciplers needed to nurture new believers and  underdeveloped believers. Weekly, we get new requests for someone to be discipled. It is such a good feeling to know that we never have to turn down anyone! As a staff, we appreciate the comprehensive nature of the ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker’ materials. We will continue to train new disciplers using these powerful tools. ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker’ is changing our church one person at a time. This is Christ’s call upon each believer and we strive to be faithful to it.”

    Steve AaronPastor of Family Discipleship, Valley Community Baptist Church, Avon, CT
  • Without any doubt, ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker’ is a prime tool to help church planters, pastors, and church leaders who intend to equip the saints in ‘life-to-life ministry’ and turn a church into a healthy church. I believe this material set me on the path that will lead to launching and leading a new, healthy and Biblical church! As pastor, it led me to the right materials and the right focus on the most important emphasis… ‘making disciples’”.

    Rev. Martin Ortega Sr.Pastor, Iglesia Bautista Emanuel, Midland Texas
  • We now have over 100 of our church family trained with ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker’. It is so encouraging to know that every new believer in Christ has the opportunity to have a friend take them through those early, important days of their walk with the Lord. And for me as pastor, it is an additional blessing that I simply have to be an encourager and cheer leader to our lay leaders who shepherd this ministry all the way through. We are a stronger church because of ‘Becoming A Disciple-Maker.’”

    Andy DavisSr. Pastor, First Baptist Church, Belton, TX
  • Over the last ten years, I have had the opportunity of working with Dr. Billie Hanks in bringing ‘Becoming a Disciple-Maker’ to both Eastern and Western Europe. Christians and churches in many countries of that continent have been blessed by this practical strategy. This process is one of the best ways I know of to carry out the command that Jesus gave to the church to ‘make disciples of all nations.’”

    Dr. Bill WagnerProfessor of Evangelism - Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
  • No one is more knowledgeable of disciple-making ministry and the necessity of follow-up of new believers than Billie Hanks, Jr. Learn as much as you can from him.”

    Dr. Roy Fish