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spain • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

From Romania to Spain and Back Again

“My church in Spain has grown from 40 people to 180 people during the last several years – all because of personal life-on-life disciple-making that I learned from Dr. Billie Hanks.”
– This pastor, a Romanian living in Spain, traveled all the way from Spain back to Romania for our recent Disciple-Maker’s workshop to give testimony to his Romanian brothers and sisters to the power of “Becoming a Disciple-Maker’s” equipping process for lifestyle disciple-making. He had heard Dr. Hanks speak almost 10 years ago, and went back to his church to implement one-on-one disciple-making. After seeing so much steady growth over the years, when he heard that “…Disciple-Maker” was moving into Romania, he could not pass up the opportunity to challenge his fellow countrymen to implement this very same lifestyle that has brought such lasting change to his church.
Thank you Pastor, for your incredible testimony and dedication to see your country experience spiritual multiplication!

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