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april2024 nicaragua 7 1200 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Disciple-Making Churches in Pantasma, Nicaragua

From our team in Nicaragua…

Even in a small town like Pantasma, Nicaragua, the heart of fulfilling the Great Commission remains the same: relational disciple-making.  It’s not about grand crusades or impersonal mass evangelism. Here, the most transformative impact is made through genuine, one-on-one relationships…. sharing a cup of coffee with a neighbor, discussing the Bible, and openly exploring questions about how to walk with Christ.  Over time, as trust deepens and lives intertwine by the power of the Holy Spirit, the seeds of faith can take root and flourish.

This relational approach is particularly evident as powerful in smaller communities. In Pantasma, everyone knows everyone else. News travels fast, and the authenticity of your connections matters deeply. By investing time and care into building relationships, disciple-makers become trusted friends and mentors. This creates fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to work, fostering a deeper understanding of Christ’s teachings and a desire to share them with others.

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