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Prayer and Partnership Needed

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks for your intercession during these last several weeks. The Lord’s long term leading for International Evangelism to partner with the world’s 129 national Evangelical Alliances is taking place naturally. Our united goal is to help each denomination’s churches fulfill the Great Commission through New Testament disciple-making on every continent.

We just served over 1,000 meals and hosted 72 Evangelical Alliance leaders from 12 Central and South American nations for strategic planning to:
• Partner for the next five years on a unified plan to saturate each country with effective multiplying disciple-making;
• Assist participating national Evangelical Alliances as they prayerfully select and prepare each region’s Lead Churches to implement and model spiritual multiplication;
• Enlist the prayers and participation of the world’s six remaining Spanish speaking nations.

To date, we have reached about one-third of our ministry goal; which is partnering with every Evangelical Alliance worldwide! We have now completed or are currently translating “Operation Multiplication’s” equipping process into 17 major languages. This is being done in spiritual partnership with the Evangelical Alliances of 36 countries plus 10 evangelical denominations in the United States. We will keep you updated on specific prayer needs as we prepare for leadership meetings at Mountain Doxology. Our focus will be on Southern Baptist’s state conventions, North America’s ethnic ministries, European nations, and the following countries in Latin America: Venezuela, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.

The 350 or more evangelical leaders who have now come to Texas or North Carolina for united spiritual orientation and national planning have confirmed that the ministry of disciple-making is currently their churches’ most urgent need. We are deeply grateful for our spiritual partnerships with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s training ministry at The Cove, the World Evangelical Alliance, and Mission America. God is using our combined effort for Great Commission evangelism and disciple-making.

If you believe, as we do, that evangelistic multiplication through Biblical disciple-making is critical to fulfilling the church’s purpose – we greatly need your partnership in vision, prayer, and stewardship.

Thanks again for your friendship in Christ!

In Shared Vision,
Billie Hanks, Jr.
Matthew 24:14

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