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calgary1 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Calgary’s Chinese Disciple-Maker Summit – July 2018

One Hundred and Eighty-Five participants. Three Languages – English, Mandarin, Cantonese. One united vision for equipping church members to become lifelong multiplying disciple-makers.

We’re especially thankful for the 129 attendees who signed a card of committment before the Lord – to prayerfully and intentionally begin equipping their key church leaders to become disciple-makers.

While Dr. Hanks was ill, and unable to attend the summit physically, he joined the meeting through both audio and video, and more importantly, in prayer. We’re thankful for the leadership of Joseph and Rosa Shao, as well as Victor Wong, and their extended team for their excellent facilitating of the workshop, vision casting, and prayer for God’s hand to move.

We are thankful for this incredible first step for Canada’s Chinese-speaking churches, and we’ll be moving forward to other cities in Canada very soon!


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