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Image 1 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

34 National Evangelical Alliances

Dear Disciple-Maker,

Recently, 25 Chinese, Hmong, and Korean Christian leaders joined us at Mountain Doxology in North Carolina’s beautiful mountains. We all engaged in Great Commission planning. Several seminary presidents and deans were with us, who collectively have over 2,000 Chinese students preparing for ministry in their three countries. They are now working toward variations of Southwestern Seminary’s well tested two-semester Disciple-Making Practicum.

A few weeks ago, our ministry director for Europe visited the U.S. east coast to conduct workshops on disciple-making for Russian speaking churches and his ministry was well received by about 200 Christian leaders. The week before that, we were the guests of the Free Lutheran denomination. We trained about 100 of their church planters in New Testament disciple-making, so last month’s gifts and prayers were greatly needed and appreciated!

In a few weeks, our team will arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica to lead Disciple-Making Workshops for their seminaries and evangelical leaders. We are told to expect several hundred pastors, so your prayers are definitely needed. We are currently preparing for that Central American Spanish language ministry.

Thanks for your gifts that are enabling us to partner in ministry with 34 National Evangelical Alliances.

Billie Hanks, Jr.
Matthew 24:14

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