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may2024 chile 1 1200 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Joining Hands in Disciple-Making Across Latin America

From our Latin American team…

We’re deeply grateful to the Lord for what His gracious hand has done. We recently were honored to have a leading role at the Global Church Planting Summit of the Assemblies of God Hispanic World Fellowship.

We were invited to have two 50-minute workshops and set up a booth to exhibit materials and connect with the participants. In both workshops, we had full attendance and great expectation and response from the participants. We were able to share the vision and process of “Becoming a Disciple-Maker” for the contexts of the local church, and the Seminary.

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Ana Jolibeth Rodriguez shared some heartwarming stories about the ministry and the support she’s received in registering, interacting with pastors, and encouraging participation in Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

Nelson Fernandoi was a great help in connecting with and schedule trainings with pastors from various regions of Chile, as well as the national leadership. These countries were eager to import the materials and promote the processes in the Assemblies of God.

It’s inspiring to see how the Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of pastors, encouraging them to embrace a relational, Christ-centered, first-century approach to disciple-making. It’s so encouraging to see this deep fervor to fulfill the Great Commission, relying on the Holy Spirit and staying close to the Word in every conversation and exposition.

We no longer speak simply of members or believers, but of disciples. We don’t speak of programs and courses, but of character training, skills, and personal discipline as a culture and lifestyle of the church. It’s amazing how this has permeated every participation and message!

– Alejandro Fernandez
Director IEA Latin American

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