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IEA FBNotes Devo 16 universalism • Becoming a Disciple-Maker


[blockquote3]“…I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)[/blockquote3]

Imagine being trapped on the roof of a tall blazing building with only one functional fire escape. Then, contemplate this circumstance. Sadly, because of its width, the one secure route of escape will not be used by Universalists. They will either purposely choose to ignore its presence, disregard the flames themselves, or willingly perish out of prideful disdain for the designer’s – construction! Such thinking sounds inconceivable, but it illustrates a Universalist’s strange emotional response to mankind’s dilemma. Such reasoning disregards God’s sacrificial love and provision for mankind’s safety. Jesus declared that

“The way is narrow that leads to life.” (Matthew 4:17)

Christianity’s global low regard for Universalism has been earned because of its assertion that all people will ultimately go to heaven regardless of their lives and non-Christian theology. The idea that no belief system is wrong and that Jesus’ warnings about judgment are meaningless – utterly dilutes Universalism’s creditability! Its humanistic idealism feels good and it sounds compassionate; however, when its consequences are actually studied, they are tragic. Its unproveable conclusion requires that – all conflicting religious teachings are either equally meaningless or equally correct! Regardless of what is believed about God, presumably, all roads lead to – His kingdom. This means that nothing believed actually matters! Its logic lacks validity and is so untenable that no scientific, educational, or economic endeavor could ever operate using its wishful view of reality. All roads – never have led to Rome or anywhere else! That is the truth and all reasonable people comprehend this. The Lord simply explained to us that the same reality is also true of Heaven.

This is why the Bible states,

[blockquote3]“There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12)[/blockquote3]

Ironically, the rejection of Universalism leaves its adherents faced with the unwanted decision of having to – decide. This is a major point of consternation, because they realize that everything depends on that one – “all or nothing” decision. Most of them are highly literate and comprehend that God’s Son’s character cannot be impeached. They also realize that He said, “I am the way” not “a way,” so intellectually they understand that the validity of His claim to divinity is all that ultimately – matters!

Universalism is not a safe place to hide, because it rejects mankind’s only access to grace. Then, nothing is left but an unachievable system of works! By definition, classic Universalism claims to be totally inclusive. Therefore, it excludes no belief. This forces it to embrace a wide assortment of strange, opposing, and unrelated teachings. These range from – atheism, to polytheism, to ancestor worship, to suicide bombings, to reincarnation, to sacred cows! Its eclectic wishful reasoning leaves it void of reliable solutions!

In Universalism, sin must either be ignored, unrealistically denied, or paid for through one’s own suffering. While rejecting their own personal means of salvation, they never-the-less promise the entire world redemption without the need for personally accepting Jesus Christ’s – death, burial, and resurrection! Their chosen design for mankind’s salvation is attempted philosophically. With no divine authority or historically accepted Biblical interpretation to undergird its assertions, Universalism is merely a philosopher’s dream! It came into existence out of desperation and it represents an attempt to banish the thought of consequences. Its mental process seeks to abolish the need for God’s judgment by denying the results of evil, thus removing the need for His sovereign gift of grace. It is the modern face of theological – denial! Evil is unquestionably real, mankind is unquestionably sinful, and God’s judgment is promised, so the building is definitely on fire!

The Good News is – Jesus Christ provided the Father’s fire escape. By design, it is strong enough to securely hold every sinner in the world. However, it is unapologetically, as the Lord Jesus declared – narrow. We can either exercise our will and choose to use it or assume the full responsibility for passing up that opportunity. Therefore, when you witness, never be afraid of reason. Remember that as Christ’s disciple, intellect, logic, and decisiveness will always be your closest friends. The Bible says, “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD.” (Isaiah 1:18) No one who takes God’s fire escape will ever cease to thank you!

– By Billie Hanks

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