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The Church’s Most Valuable Asset

For years, churches have overlooked their most valuable asset for fulfilling their assigned mission. Ironically, this neglected spiritual resource is their own membership’s newest believers. Why are these fledgling Christians often so effective in terms of outreach? They are typically overflowing with inner joy and still share natural relational bridges with non-Christian family members and friends. Potentially, each one can learn to testify spontaneously. Your church’s trained disciple-makers will soon be walking alongside these new Christians, showing them how to respond to daily witnessing opportunities. Through their example, many will learn to share their faith as a lifestyle and learn how to personally encourage and equip others. This simple life-to-life discipling process is the way spiritual multiplication begins and grows in a healthy church environment

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  1. First love is produced by the Holly Spirit himself. His power is more than enough. In “Iglesia Cristiana de la Familia” Ponce,Puerto Rico we are exited to start learning more about this extraordinary tool… Thanks for having us in your hearts!

    1. Wonderful, Joel. We will be delighted to be with you again soon!

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