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importance post 03 • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

Back to the Basics – The Importance of Disciple-Making, Audio Series

Full Transcript:

On a light note, when I was in London many years ago, I was in my early 20’s when the Graham Association took me on the train and how kind they were to do that. Billy was being interviewed by the British Broadcasting Company and a lot of other folks in Great Britain, newspapers and so forth. And so they slipped me in through the kitchen.

Grady Wilson was discipling me at that time and Grady was like, I guess, Billy’s right hand or left hand associate, whichever you’d want to say. He and T.W. and the others on the team. And they did this frequently.

They’d slip me in where I, as a young person, could listen. And I was fascinated as they would penetrate and hit Billy with all these hard, cynical statements. But one stood out to me very clearly.

A fellow stood up and he said,

“Dr. Graham, we’ve been told that the clerics in part of Great Britain feel that you’ve set Christianity back 200 years by your simple, basic, elementary preaching about the blood and the cross of Jesus Christ.”

Well, I watched Billy’s face, the puzzlement in his eyes as this started, and then the twinkle in his eye that came as it continued. He took all this in and then when the man finished, he said,

“Sir, I’m so glad you’ve said this because I need to apologize to the ministers of Great Britain if I have set Christianity back 200 years by coming here and by my simple preaching. For I came to set it back 2,000 years, sir.”

Now, when he said that, it hit the newspapers the next morning and I thought about it many times. Isn’t that what we really need to see happen?

Don’t we want to go back and get back to the basics of what made it work 2,000 years ago so that it shook cities, families, empires, and all of the world finally came to the place of bowing their knee and humbling their heart before the humble carpenter of Galilee, God the Son, who came to us and became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory?

(continued in part 4 of the series)

Let's get back to the basics of first century relational disciple-making...

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