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a pastors dream • Becoming a Disciple-Maker

A Pastor’s Dream

A Pastor’s Dream…

I’m the pastor of a growing, healthy, and flourishing church.  People are coming to Christ, attendance has increased, and we now have two morning worship services.  God is blessing our church in many wonderful ways. 

Even though things are going well, I realize that unless I train some spiritually qualified workers among the men and women of my congregation, many people are not going to get the needed help in the initial stages of Christian growth and will not develop into strong, robust disciples of Christ.  I realize that I can’t just delegate this problem to another person – I must lead the way. 

Sometimes I go into my study and lock the door and think…

“Wouldn’t it be great if I had a dedicated, trained, ever-growing band of spiritually qualified men and women who could become spiritual parents to each new person that joins our church? 

What if every new member was assigned a teammate who would introduce them to other people in the church, help them develop friendships, make sure they had a Bible, answer their questions, and help them develop spiritual growth skills so they could minister to others from the overflow of their relationship with Christ? 

What if each person had a friend who could train them how to win others to Christ and then help them repeat that process in the life of another?”

This Pastor’s Dream is Now a Reality.

The Becoming A Disciple-Maker small group course trains your existing church members how to personally care for each new member on a one-to-one basis. After each person completes the course, he or she is equipped to take a new member through 7 weeks of A Call to Joy and 11 weeks of A Call to Growth. These materials are currently being used throughout the world in 25 different languages and are available at this website.

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