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The Master Plan of Evangelism (Robert Coleman)


Presents a thorough examination of the gospel accounts, revealing the objective of Christ’s ministry and His strategy for carrying it out. Over 3,000,000 copies sold worldwide. “Few books have had as great an impact on the cause of world evangelization in our generation as this book.” – Dr. Billy Graham

The Gift of Giving (Wayne Watts)


You can give to God… with a smile!  The gift of giving shows how you can change giving from an obligation to a joyous way of living.

Wayne Watts, a Christian businessman, gives clear Biblical principles on money and shared down-to-earth personal stories on how God taught him these truths on giving.

God doesn’t need your money and goods – He still owns the deed!  But He does want us to know the joy of giving back to Him with thanks.  Let God give you “the gift of giving.”  It will be a gift you’ll never return!


Moments with God – Rob Jackson


The most rewarding moments in parenting were the times our family spent together in the Word. Moments with God was written with my daughter in mind.  I longed for her to know more than stories about God, I wanted her to know God.  Years later, as I have watched my daughter grow into a godly young woman, I pray that God will use these moments to help your child grow to love Christ. This six-week study is designed to teach theological truths about God and His Word to your 6 to 12 year old child.

Begin introducing your child to the splendor of knowing God through Christ Jesus!

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Gospel in the Rosary, Bible Study on the Mysteries of Christ (Daniel R. Sánchez, D.Min., D.Phil.)


“The Rosary … is at heart a Christocentric prayer. In the sobriety of its elements, it has all the depth of the Gospel message in its entirety, of which it can be said to be a compendium.” John Paul II

Sharing the Good News with Roman Catholic Friends (Daniel R. Sánchez, D.Min., D.Phil. and Rudolph D. González. Ph. D.)


In this book we examine issues that relate to an understanding of the biblical doctrine of salvation, the spirit in which it should be communicated and the most appropriate methods for leading people to a personal experience of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Born to Reproduce Booklet (Dawson Trotman)


This classic was written by the founder of the Navigators and the modern disciple-making movement. It explains the tremendous power of spiritual multiplication.

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