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Siegfried Klassen – Our Beloved Brother

Con profundo pesar, pero con gran esperanza de volvernos a ver, comparto la triste noticia de la partida de mi querido amigo y compañero de milicias Siegfried Klassen. Gracias a todos los que estuvieron sumando sus oraciones en las últimas horas por él, pero nuestro soberano y buen Dios lo quiso en su presencia. Oremos por fortaleza y consuelo para su familia. – From Alejandro Fernandez.

We have just suffered a great, great loss. Our dear brother Siegfried was involved in a tragic accident earlier today, and now while we begin to grieve deeply here, our brother is now rejoicing and worshipping his Savior and Lord Jesus face to face.

Please, please pray for Siegfried’s family, as the shock and sadness over such an unexpected departure would be devastating. Let us unite in asking the Lord to minister deeply to their hearts in this – their hour of greatest need, as they mourn with the assurance of steadfast hope only found in Christ.

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