Book Samples

Comparison of A Call to Joy Discipler’s Guide and Timothy’s Guide

In a book to book comparison, you’ll notice that your Discipler’s Guide (shown on the left) expands each page of the Timothy’s Guide (shown on the right) into two pages. This enables you to have boxed “teaching notes” to guide your discussions. This design allows your Discipler’s Guide to have the same page numbers as the Timothy’s Guide.

ctj-samplecoversAs you view the Discipler’s Guide, you will notice that some of the material is boxed and other parts are not. The boxed material appears only in your Discipler’s Guide while the unboxed material appears in both the Timothy’s Guide and Discipler’s Guide. The boxes contain “teaching notes” (illustrations, amplifications, and questions) to be shared and discussed during each session.

You will teach from this Discipler’s Guide during your times together. The unboxed material should be read aloud during each session. If your Timothy is comfortable reading aloud, you should ask them to join you in verbally reading this material. This involvement will help them feel like a participant, and it will give you additional time to think ahead for each discussion segment. When you arrive at a box in your Discipler’s Guide, simply give the illustration or amplification. If indicated, ask the questions found in the boxes and use a “highlighter” to mark the key words. This will help “trigger” your thoughts for discussion.

You will notice that within each box, there are shaded sentences and unshaded sentences. Unshaded sentences mean that you will make a direct statement to your Timothy. Example:
“Let’s read ‘Welcome to A Call to Joy aloud.”
Shaded sentences mean that you, the Discipler, are receiving a specific instruction to carry out. Example:
Discipler: It is very important that you carefully read “The Discipler’s Guide Introduction,” starting on page xiii. This material will help you understand how to lead each of these seven sessions.

Click on the example book above to open to full screen and review session one of A Call to Joy.